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"Bring the taste of Rodini Park home with you."

Merch page - image of spices and oils for sale

Gourmet Foods

  • Rosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Chili Oregano White Wine Vinegar

  • Fig Sweetened Balsalmic Vinegar

  • Greek Spice Rub

  • Honey Almonds

  • Kalamata Olives Infused with Rosemary

  • Cinnamon Stick Honey

Sauce & Dressing

  • Tahini Sauce

  • Garlic Oregano Sauce

  • Greek Dressing

  • Mount Olympus Sauce

  • BBQ Chipotle Sauce

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Merch page - image of picnic blankets for sale

Let's Picnic

  • Picnic Blankets

  • Picnic Baskets

  • Plates

Cold Brew Coffee

Groundwork Certified Organic Cold Brew Coffee is steeped a full 24 hours for optimal flavor and made without additives or preservatives. Simply put, it’s great coffee — prepared with filtered water and locally roasted organic coffee beans. 

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